Sunday, June 29, 2014

how to buy a cheap car online

Sites like craiglist are now burn out by other competitors like yahoo and such, but still very important to always use the search engines, get advice from friends who have been online longer and have more experience buying online, cars like toyota brand seems to be more searchable, what I mean is that people looking to buy a car online, always look for Toyota or Fords, myself I don't really care about brands or which company the cars are from, because it is more important to know howmany miles the car have so far or truck.

Why cars are seems to be more easy to find than trucks

it is possible that you find yourself trying to buy a drunk and discover that cars are more available than trucks, but on the other hand people have say that don't matter what you look for, there is always cars or trucks available online or any other vehicle.

I have some friends telling me that they have found out more cheaper cars online than trucks because of the popularity, perhaps they right but if we use common sense.

If you want to buy local try social sites and save money

Social sites like facebook and craiglist, are no 1 to find local cars or trucks for sale even cheaper, just go to facebook and search for cheap cars on Arkansas for example and you will find what you looking for eventually, some people sealing their cars on facebook by owner and other on youtube, you just have to keep looking, it has nothing to do with luck, unless you consider yourself lucky

Do your homework or you will lose lots of money

It won't take long and you don't have to paid extra money to anyone to help you find a cheaper vehicle if you get online and do your homework from there. You can save a lot of money by doing a good research online and with friends. My idiot uncle didn't wanted to get online because he say he don't like technology, so he last thousands of dollars for hes ignorance. He purchase a car that worth $700 dollars for more than $2000 with a guy that knows what he is doing.I did mention that it don't take that long to do your homework but I recommend that the longer you do your homework the better prices you can find out and save lots of green ones.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

we all deserve a second chance

Everyone's entitled to a second chance.
Maybe in your first crying and suffering stage, but today you are given a new lease on life ...
Do not close your eyes and your heart to another option , is not necessary to live with fears of the past.

Do not rule out love, you may now think that matters a lot and lived after the love is no longer an option . But all these questions and doubts that assail you will not be answered if you stay in your room getting yourself between sadness and reproach. Just open your heart you will know how far you can get being a new person.

Life is never the way you want it , when most hurt us more confident , after a painful experience we say never again believe in love , but the end is not.

You should not put your hands down , you should follow in your quest.
One day you'll meet someone and you will fear to step forward , fear of being hurt again , fear of failure and what people will say if you decide to redo your life ...

- Do not let fear control you -

It is logical that at first you will be afraid to repeat the past , but have the ability to face adversity , none can deny the happiness you deserve , we must all feel loved in life. You say you left you side by the first opportunity ? So what?
It's okay, all things can be overcome , we are able to do so . We all suffer a bad drink, what we suffer, but then we go to a "different page".

Today we have a blank book in which we can write a new story, a new romance ... that no one will take that smiling face, always people around us will question what we do or fail to do .

But you , live life without spinning backwards.
Be happy, fall in love , laugh , go through life hoping that this time things will do well and that everything is not so bad.
Just do not forget that not everything is as perfect as we want , we must fight for our happiness .

You must believe in the second period .

Maybe we are not perfect people , but unique , no two are alike , no one thinks or acts like you, and that's what makes the difference.

We may have a great love, a healthy relationship, no hidden defects . Keep going with these new plans you have, because that is something that you must , get the courage you have within you, and gives way to a new stage in your life .

Friday, December 6, 2013

The issue that is part of you

The way to carry out any generous of issue is to make it a part of you. For issue is not something you do only on weekdays from eight to five, it is who you are all the duration.

If you constantly have to remember to drill yourself, or worse yet, be disciplined by others, you’re not there yet. When drill and point of concentration are a part of your draw near to every site, that’s when issue is sure to tread on the heels of.

If entirety is just something you converse about and try to shoot forward, you still have a ways to go. When entirety is what drives your every determination, reflection and movement, then you’re truly getting there.

If you’re constantly concerned about your statue, your fame, and what other guys think, there’s still act to be done. When you can point of concentration instead on certain real being, doing what you know is right no body how it may appear, then you’re really getting somewhere.

Issue is achieved not by artlessly wishing to go out and get it. For certain issue does not be outside of you, but within. The issue you wish will become certain when you can truly make it a part of you.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

How to be happy in a relationship ?

" Is the question posed by Dr. Mark Goulston , a psychiatrist , business consultant and international speaker who suggests some tips for better life together. While there is no magic secret to achieve , Goulston suggests that his experience has made him

1. They go to bed at the same time
According Goulston , happy couples tend to resist the temptation to go to bed at different times. " Go to bed at the same time, even if one of the two was then raised to do things while their partner sleeps," he says, adding that " when they touch her ​​skin still feel a little tingling , unless one or both are so exhausted to feel sexually aroused . "

Two . Cultivate common interests
When low levels passion , it is common for couples to realize that they have few interests in common. Therefore , we should not downplay the activities that can develop and enjoy together, says the expert.

" If common interests are not present, happy couples develop them ," he says , recommending also have activities separately, so that the relationship does not become too dependent.

Three . Walk hand in hand or are next to each other

Instead of one of the two left behind because they go walking slower or stopped to see something , Goulston recommends walking comfortably beside the couple, and even better if hand made. If you want to stop watching something , you better do it together , or sense of business was lost.

April . Trust and forgive

In routine disagreements or discussions that do not reach a resolution , happy couples do not wear out , forgive each other and trust each other , instead of holding grudges and staying in the relationship reluctantly .

May . Focus more on what your partner does right than what he does wrong

If things start looking bad in your partner , you will always find something. If you do not, that is, looking good, you will also find things . " It all depends on what you want to search . Happy couples accentuate the positive " , says the expert.

6. They embrace the reunited after work or activities

" Our skin has a memory of " good touch " (Love) , " bad touch " (abuse) and" no touch " ( neglected ) . Couples who say hello with a hug keep their skin bathed in " good touch ," says Mark .

7. They say " I love you" and " Have a good day " every morning

It is a way to cultivate patience and tolerance , as it is a good way to start a day holds problems, difficulties and other discomfort that may be at work.

8. They say " Good night " every night , regardless of how you feel

" This tells your partner that no matter how bad you are with him or her, you still want to be in the relationship. He says that what you and your partner have is bigger than any disturbing incident , "says the psychiatrist .

9. Call or send a short message to your partner during the day

Call or send a short message asking how's the other day , is a habit of happy couples , says Goulston . Help keep the complicity and connection even when not seen, and allowed to be more in tune when they are after work. You can tell if your partner is having a bad day or had a great achievement when you can share reunite .

10. They are proud to be with your partner

A happy couples like being together and when out in public often shaking hands, rest your hand on the shoulder, back and knee of the other, etc. . Show the connection between them, sometimes without realizing it.
realize that the happiest couples often have certain habits that contribute to their welfare.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bond: haptic Bracelets to tickle from a distance

Hiper connected everyone to everyone through images , sounds and texts , this seemed to demand a new way to convey feelings and share moments , but the distance is in kilometers . Bond bracelets Kwamecorp haptic let you fondle or tickle to loved ones who are far away with the push of two buttons.

Since the dawn of humanity , different civilizations and cultures have used all kinds of ornaments on their body to symbolize different things, from the entrance to the tribal maturity until notice be united in marriage with another person , to simply adorned aesthetic . Necklaces, rings , bracelets have been responsible , but the future will have to give a less superficial utility to ornaments and clothes, so Kwamecorp design company created haptic Bond bracelets . Without any association with the secret agent , these bracelets have links function haptics with that person you love. But , how?

The Bond haptic bracelet will help you to be in touch with your loved ones in a different way of the one we are used to when we are away. For example, you can send touch or tickle your partner or your children away if you go on a business trip. The Bond come in pairs and once each of the people involved has one on his wrists, can be paired via smart mobile platforms like iOS and Android devices via Bluetooth. In use, to send a tingle, you just have to double tap on the sensor to unlock the bracelet and then a touch more by the time you want it to last. The sensor will turn the other person in any of the 5 colors available and will tickle back. I think is a great idea just to keep us in "touch" it might not be the same as the real human touch but I'll keep us going.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Why eating fish is good for your health?

Rich in protein and iron, fish provides an excellent energy value for the organism. Let us see in detail why eating fish is a true ally for your health. The fish, a food rich in nutrients. Placed next to the meat in the food pyramid, fish can replace perfectly if consumed in equal portions. Rich source of protein and iron, fish is ideal for revitalizing the body. The contribution

On the one hand, are essential for protecting the heart, reducing the risk of stroke, since we now know that cardiovascular diseases are considered as one of the leading causes of death.

On the other hand, the Omega 3 to lower the bad cholesterol rate and preserve the proper maintenance of blood vessels, and generally contribute to improving the lipid profile. In summary, note that very few fish provides lipids, less than the regular meat.

To maximize the benefits of fish , just eat it raw or cooked quickly. In any case, everything depends on the tastes of each and the type of fish . The salmon fillet is delicious when eaten raw in salads or marinated in a special sauce .

In any case , there are many recipes for marinated raw fish , and smoked herbal aromatic . The sushi is a good choice for those who enjoy a good bite of raw fish .

If you prefer to eat cooked fish , there are many recipes for all tastes . For example to create an exotic setting at the table , you can make fish tacos. Good to know that fish can also be consumed in foil .

In short , whatever the type of fish you consume , you will always find a recipe suitable for preparing a good dish that is both dietary and delicious. Do not forget that the fish should be part of our daily diet , as its many benefits help maintain proper health of the whole organism .
of iron from vegetables is quite low, hence the interest of eating fish at noon, which is usually quite deficient in the diet of children, vegetarians, or those that are too restrictive regime. The fish also contains many trace elements such as iodine, zinc, or copper, specifically in marine species. The fish strengthens the body's defenses to play a protective role against infection. In this sense, the fish is essential to maintain a good balance of the body. The fish meat also contains all essential amino acids for health. These are essential to maintain and preserve muscle mass. Among this distinguished particularly Omega 3. These polyunsaturated fatty acids play a dual role in the body.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Western Digital Ultrastar HE6: The first hard disk with helium

The idea of ​​injecting helium into hard drives has been gaining traction in recent months , and now we have the new Ultrastar HE6 , developed by HGST subsidiary of Western Digital. What's in this album with helium ? Less than two additional courses , totaling 6TB capacity .

In recent weeks , the only hard drives that have come into my possession are 2.5 inches. Obviously , fit a larger bay is a minor problem compared to the challenges facing the business environment, focused on a demand that is growing , and infrastructure to the limit . One or two hard drives do not cause major problems, however, when we speak of a hundred or more disks , heat, and energy storage density become critical parameters. In this case , less is more vital among manufacturers , and to achieve an ally comes directly from the periodic table: helium .

In September 2012, HGST (now under the wing of Western Digital) announced the development of hard disks injected with helium. This provides immediate benefits to the design , starting with an increase in the number of plates , from five to seven. HGST efforts materialized in the new Ultrastar HE6 , that with the help of seven courses can offer a capacity of six terabytes , retaining the traditional format of 3.5 inches. The Ultrastar HE6 is 50 grams lighter compared to similar drives , works at a lower temperature (between 4 and 5 degrees below average ) , Standby consumption is only 5.3 watts and generates 30 percent less noise . To this is added a "time average " between failures of two million hours , and five years official warranty .

There are already several very high caliber names Ultrastar evaluating the HE6 , among which we find HP , Huawei , Netflix and even the CERN . Needless to say , not a hard drive to install on a desktop system , and although Western Digital did not reveal the official price per unit, imagine that must be higher than normal, because the injection of helium and sealed sealing made ​​more complex production line . I also understand that there are scientists concerned about the current use of helium, but the design of the Ultrastar HE6 appears to be very efficient at that point , since a conventional tank enough to make ten thousand units.