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Habits that harm our health without realizing it

Sit cross-legged
A company that produced food additives in 1999 was the first to talk about cross-leg damage. They even launched a massive advertising campaign in the United States, "The Great Cross-Out." Much research shows that the custom of sitting cross-legged (both on a chair and on the floor) causes high blood pressure ( Especially in hypertonic), varicose veins and damaged nerves.

Feed the birdsFeeding birds is one of the favorite pastimes of parents and children when they go for a walk in the park. Unfortunately, it is not only fun but also dangerous. The probability of an urban bird infecting you is more than 50%. Pigeons not only transmit psittacosis, but also colibacillosis, histoplasmosis, salmonellosis, tuberculosis, listeriosis, tularemia, Newcastle disease, toxoplasmosis ... Are you sure you want to know the full list?

Put on low quality sunglassesThe desire to save on production makes manufacturers use cheap plastic, which does not protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays: on the contrary, in the intense sun this type of plastic can cause retinal burns. Because with the dark lenses the pupils dilate, the eyes receive a double dose of ultraviolet, which is even more harmful than not putting on the glasses at all. Excessive ultraviolet rays can cause cataracts, damage the eyes and even cause cancer.

Drink a lot of waterYes, you have read well. Not always drinking lots of water is good. But drinking too little is bad. Researchers insist that each organism has individual water needs. If you exercise a lot or are very active, drink more; But if you have kidney problems or cardiovascular disease, it is best to limit the amount of this liquid. In any case, the best indicator to know if you need more water or not, is thirst. If you are not thirsty, do not strain yourself by drinking water.

Using rubber heaters to heal you 
It seems that applying something cold or something warm in the area that hurts us are our favorite ways to relieve the pain. But there are a number of diseases that categorically should not be cured with rubber heaters. It is strictly forbidden to warm up the sore area in case of bleeding, acute inflammation of the abdomen (appendicitis, cholecystitis, pancreatitis), in the first hours and 1-2 days after a stroke or injury; As well as oncological diseases.

Preparing popcorn in microwave 
It is not the mode of preparation but the components of the popcorn. The danger comes from a chemical called diacetyl. This is a synthetic and flavoring oil at a time. When it evaporates, it enters the lungs and damages them. You can reduce the risk if you let your popcorn cool before consuming them.  

Eat without leaving the desk
Of course, workplaces may be different. But many times not only are they not fully adapted for food but also accumulate a lot of bacteria that do not favor digestion. If this argument makes you unconvincing, think that the aroma of your food can also hinder your peers and that you leave your brain without your well-deserved rest, your legs without extra exercise and prevent the stomach from digesting the Food, since your brain can not fully concentrate on that process. 

Wear open shoes in the city
Of course in summer we want to put things as open as possible, and footwear is no exception. What is the risk we are running? With an open shoe there is a great risk of being cut, and any small injury, whether an insect picket or an ampoule by an uncomfortable strap, in urban conditions becomes easily infected. And it can not only affect the legs, but the whole organism in general. 

Drink skim milk
Looks like it's the same milk but witouth fat. But really it's not so. Skim milk can not be compared to a common milk in terms of positive properties. Along with fat, this milk loses vitamins and gets synthetic substances that are not at all healthy. Many manufacturers "strengthen" skim milk with milk powder that oxidizes milk cholesterol. Although no human investigations have been conducted, arterial plaques that increase the risk of cardiac arrest were detected in animals that consumed oxidized cholesterol.

Do taking care of your posture 

The correct posture is the symmetrical location of all organs. Take care of your back: it correctly adjusts the office chair and the inclination angle of the monitor. Here are the things to keep in mind:
Choose the length of the chair according to the length of your calf. Your seat should be hard.
The glutes should occupy at least 2/3 of the chair.
The back of the chair should be adjusted to the maximum curvature of your spine.
Sit in such a way that the spine is firmly attached to the backrest.
Take care that your shoulder blades are together, that the shoulders are on the same level and that your abdomen is relaxed.
Do not cross your legs because this would cause problems of blood circulation in the lower extremities.
Make the movements smoothly so that the column does not hit the back of the chair.
Adopt a position in which the body weight is concentrated in the hip, and that your head looks forward and up.
Do not rush to change posture if you feel discomfort. Let your muscles become accustomed to the correct posture. A part of them will gradually relax, which will make you the habit of always sitting in this way. Just do not expect it to happen right away. 

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Definitely biting your nails is a sign of this type of personality

For years, it has been believed that the habit of nail biting is an unequivocal indicator of a nervous temperament and anxiety. However, according to a new study, this and other "body-centered" repetitive behaviors could be signs of something very different.

The study, published in the Journal of Behavioral Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry (JBTEP), says that nail biting can be an indicator of perfectionism.

"We believe that individuals with these repetitive behaviors can be perfectionists, meaning they are unable to relax and perform their tasks at a normal pace. They are therefore prone to frustration, impatience and dissatisfaction when they fail to achieve their goals," Says Dr. Kieron O'Connor, author of the study.

The study consisted of 48 participants with repetitive habits, such as biting their nails, who had to answer a series of questions to determine their organizational behavior and emotional regulation.

Nail-biting people were identified as organizational perfectionists, a personality type marked by the tendency to make detailed plans and overburden themselves with work, and are often frustrated by lack of activity. Biting nails and other similar repetitive behaviors is just a way to release that repressed energy.

Biting your nails may seem like something totally harmless, but the reality is that it can trigger infections and long-term damage, such as weakening of deformed nails and teeth. These risks, and the commonness of this habit, have made nail biting one of the leading areas in which psychotherapists work with their patients.

"These findings suggest that individuals suffering from repetitive behaviors may benefit from treatments designed to reduce frustration and boredom, and modify their perfectionism," said Sarah Robert, who helped the study's author.

You have always been able to with the challenges. You will be able to return.
You have always found a way forward. And you will discover the way to go once more.
Through all the ups and downs of life you have managed to keep moving forward. You have gained the strength and wisdom to persevere, no matter what might happen.
You have every reason of the world to be bold and confident, ambitious and optimistic about the future. You know from experience how to persevere, how to resist and how to generate the results you want.
Against all probability you have achieved it in other situations. And there is no doubt that you can do it again.

Inspire the fresh and energizing air of your potential at this moment. Make life better than it's ever been, because you know, without a doubt, that you can.

And you, you bite your nails, are you a perfectionist?

Here are some signs that will help you find out if you are:

You think in terms of "all or nothing," you see things as white or black.
You are very hard on yourself.
You get frustrated if you do not achieve your goals.
Even when you achieve your goals you feel dissatisfied.
You can not start something until the "perfect moment" comes, but maybe it never comes.

Do you feel identified with these characteristics? Do not forget to share and give us your opinion in the comments.

If you know someone who bites their nails do not forget to share this information.

The father's bad mood causes problems in the emotional and cognitive development of his children

We have always believed that children should be based on the maternal figure, however, parents are equally transcendental for the integral development of children, as the German philosopher and poet Friedrich Nietzsche said, "He who has no father, should procure one," implying that the father is as indispensable in the formation of children as the mother is, since the affection and / or repudiation of the parents can affect the psychological integrity of This, as well as self-esteem, security and some other emotions of their own.

It has been shown that children who do not have a paternal image regularly are children with difficulties to adapt, in addition to showing destructive behavior and adopting a lifestyle in constant danger as they grow. We can perceive that the absence of the father at home, the knowledge that is not, and that you can not have a word of encouragement from that man, usually has negative repercussions, but if you have it when necessary, the child develops with Greater ease, adapting and integrating into a group, assuming that the psychological processes have been developed in full.

The mental state of the father directly affects his children

In some cases it has been shown that parents who suffer from a lot of stress, or in their case children, depression or anxiety, both end up having a significant impact on the development of children and evidently the parent-child relationship.

It is worth mentioning that some psychologists from Michigan State University have done some studies, mainly investigating the importance of parents in the development of their children, in addition to analyzing about 800 families; Yielding very obvious results, where the psychological states of the parents most notably stood out, which markedly marked their children in the long and short term, causing their abilities in society to decay as self-control and the capacity for cooperation.

It could be appreciated that the first years of life of the infants are determinant; If his father presents a depressive condition during his 2 or 3 years of life, it could damage his cognitive and language development, which does not happen if in a given case it was the mother who presented depression.

Curiously, although they have the emotional support of the mother, these problems appear, is whether or not, noting that the paternal influence is very strong, even more so in boys than in girls, since males usually identify more with The paternal figure and by her behavior ends up affecting them more.

The damage caused by the absence of paternal love

Several studies have recently been carried out to analyze how the absence of a father or who is very distant with his children, ends up affecting his behavior in society. Some psychologists at the University of Connecticut analyzed data collected from 10,000 parents and their sons and daughters, with the result that most children who felt rejected by their parents had very low self-esteem and were unsafe, Aggressive

It is for these cases that the concern for the development of children, has made that redouble efforts in the investigations. Thus, other research has been undertaken to identify how important the father is within the family nucleus; Showing that if dad regularly engages in the education of children, they are often safer to discover around them, becoming emotionally stable as they grow, developing their academic intellect and with less difficulty; Assuming that parents are very important to children as well as the mother, noting that both have a lot of responsibility and a lot of work to do to promote the emotional and psychological development of their children.

Parents, how to improve mood?

We all know that being a parent is not an easy task, especially when you are first, being this stage more complicated for both the father and the mother, as they both face something unknown and as a consequence it is very normal to have many fears , Feeling insecure and uncertain.

Many men are burdened with the responsibility of being the support of their partner and therefore they must always be strong, perhaps it is the cause that these end up overflowing emotions of one and in turn, this makes them more likely to feel stress, provoking Thus causing serious harm to their children.

Therefore we have the following recommendations for parents:

- Reserve a space for yourself. You should not put your own life before giving your full attention to your child, you must remember that you have a partner and you must give equal or greater attention in addition to offering you quality time. It is also good to look for times for yourself, do the activities you like, relax and clear your mind from time to time and fill you with energy.

- Express what you feel. Remember that you have all the trust and love of your partner to tell you everything you feel, express your fears and concerns. Tell your partner that you want to be a good father, that you want to support her in everything that is possible and that you want to be a mutual support to have a beautiful family.

- Recognize the signs of stress. Having a routine life where every step is planned makes us feel obliged to be the provider of the house and we do not realize that we are stressed. It is for this reason that we must be alert to any symptoms of anxiety or despair. Also, do not forget to identify the triggers that are causing this stress so that you can eliminate them from your life.

Remember that both parents play a key role in the lives of children and although there is no instruction to be the best parent, both must do their best to facilitate the development of this. It is clear that we all want to see happy children, right? SHARE this valuable information with your friends who have the joy of being parents.

Vallotton, C. et. Al. (2016) Child behavior problems: Mothers’ and fathers’ mental health matters today and tomorrow. Early Childhood Research Quarterly; 37: 81-93.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

How to Overcome Stress - 5 effective Methods

In the environment in which we develop in our daily life, there are several factors that can influence our disposition and performance to the different activities that we perform. Depending on their nature and the effects they have on our tasks, our body will manifest different physiological reactions that could lead to serious conditions if not treated in a timely manner.

If you consider that you are going through a stage that generates stress and you are interested in knowing the appropriate measures to counteract it, the following tips will be very useful.

Find out how to overcome negative stress

Before explaining how to overcome stress, it is necessary to make clear the meaning of this word, which comes from the Latin stringere, which means to tighten. In addition, it is a derivative of the English word stress that means fatigue of the material. It is a term widely used in everyday life to characterize situations in different areas, but the most accurate way to define it is as a set of physiological reactions of the organism to a situation that perceives as threatening, harmful or requiring an energy demand Higher than usual.

From this definition are derived two terms that it is extremely important to differentiate, which are explained below:

Eustrés: It is the positive stress that is generated when a desired activity is performed, pleasant and simple.
Distrés: It is the negative stress that is generated as a result of an unwanted, complex, unpleasant and prolonged task.
So it is clear that there is good and bad stress. In the following article we will focus on presenting different ways to reduce negative stress, known as distress.

The distress may manifest differently in men and women, depending on the nature of the stressor and the condition of the individual. However, the measures to remove the stress that we will present you next are applicable in any case and will allow you to improve your lifestyle in the long term. 

Try to sleep as needed
Stress and insomnia are widely related. A distress situation can lead to insomnia, and in turn, insomnia can lead to distress. This causes problems such as difficulty concentrating, moodiness, memory loss, and can lead to depression, if not taken in time. To avoid this type of symptoms then a high level of priority should be given to rest between activities of daily living.

One of the basic measures to remove the stress is to sleep placidly about 8 hours in a row daily. This may seem too much for busy people, but it is the recommended time for optimum energy recovery. Through deep sleep at night, the human body recovers from the efforts made during the day. Similarly, mid-day naps are recommended in order to improve performance during the evening hours.

However, maintaining sleep is not an easy task for everyone. So here are some tips to help you:

Avoid contact with the cell phone one hour before bedtime. This will relax the mind and promote sleep.
Try to sleep in places away from stimuli such as light or sounds that may interrupt or make difficult the conciliation of sleep.
Wear comfortable sleeping clothes.
Doing physical exercise during the day, which will burn calories and stimulate the need for rest at night.
Avoid too long naps during the afternoons as they can influence insomnia during the night.
Avoid consumption of sleep stimulants such as medications or alcohol.

Eliminate Stress with Healthy Eating
The quality and quantity of the food we eat is an extremely important factor to take into account in the task of reducing stress. Feeding not only allows the obtaining of energy for the execution of the tasks presented, but also represents a means of pleasure that can be quite restorative for the individual. Also, controlling the meal schedule is extremely important, since the hours stipulated for them will serve as a reference to maintain control of the activities; Thus being able to maintain healthier lifestyles, which translate into less stress.

For example, a person who begins his workday without having breakfast in the morning will be more likely to develop distress; As it will expose your body to a considerable effort to fulfill all your tasks without the necessary energy (which is obtained from food). Similarly, delaying dinner late at night increases the likelihood of developing gastric problems that may even affect sleep quality, causing havoc in the body which in turn will translate into poor academic, social and work performance .

Reduce physical activity
Physical exercise represents a very effective alternative to combat stress, since it releases muscle tension through it; Generating relaxation and in addition, it favors the segregation of hormones of happiness, which improves the mood. On the other hand, walking, visiting the gym or practicing a sport represent a means of social entertainment and fun very useful to clear the mind of stressors.

In turn, the physical aspect is improved, which is an influential factor in the treatment against stress. A person who conforms to his image as a result of physical exercise will remain motivated to maintain it and will provide him security to face different complex situations of the day to day, with a good attitude. This will undoubtedly reduce the chance that stress symptoms will disrupt your health.

How to overcome stress with meditation
For many unknowing the subject can be ridiculous, but meditation is one of the most effective ways to reduce stress. It is a way of guided thinking in which techniques of relationship are used consisting of exercises of breathing and muscle elongation, focused on favoring the anti-stress mental activity.

Relaxation techniques basically consist of stretching exercises in the different areas of the body, starting from the bottom up, that is, from the feet to the head. These are initiated by squeezing a muscle for a few seconds, then relaxing it.

Breathing exercises consist of inhaling and exhaling air at a leisurely pace, with your eyes closed, pushing thoughts of stressors out of your mind. Deep breathing promotes the oxygen required for the proper development of brain activity and promotes body relaxation.

Elongation is one of the relaxation techniques to remove stress that must be accompanied by breathing exercises. You can rotate your head gently in a smooth circle, stretch up, sideways, and down. This will greatly aid in relieving the accumulated tension in the muscles.

People who use meditation in their daily lives, not only to reduce stress, but as a healthy habit, attest to the wide range of benefits it brings in the emotional realm. These may include the following:

It stimulates the self-knowledge of the individual himself, which favors the decision making and the reaction to the different stimuli, improving the performance.
It significantly reduces negative thoughts.
It increases the ability to focus on the current reality.

Organize and take time for yourself
Dedicating an amount of time and excessive thinking to work, studies and other situations related to duties and obligations is a factor that is totally conducive to stress. We must make a schedule in which we can dedicate a number of prudent hours to the execution of all the activities in a productive way.

That way you can eat healthy, rest, work, exercise, among other tasks, and also, take advantage of a time for us that we can use for what we like. Although it seems too ideal a situation, the organization of our time is vital to lead a healthy rhythm of life, without admitting to the distress and its harmful symptoms.

We hope this article on how to remove stress has been of great use to you. If you find yourself in a situation like this, you can carry out these simple tips with great determination and you will see the results in your health and state of mind in a short time.

Thursday, April 14, 2016


Many fathers and mothers who complain that their child is very difficult to always round a charged emotion vent anger inappropriately. With tantrums, profanity or subtle acts of disobedience.

We must be clear that no child is like another, and that none of us can not know what kind of needs can have these creatures just bring the world and for which we wish all the best. Difficult children often turn often generate a level of very high stress on parents, bordering in some cases helplessness. It is not a simple issue to address, and in fact, we do not always worth the books, not even the experience we have with our children or other recommendations from some parents.

Difficult children and excitement contained

Take an example. Think of the child who has had a bad day at school, comes home and when their parents ask him what happened, he responds badly. Given this, the parents decide to punish him in his room all afternoon. What have we gained by this? Have we solved the problem? Absolutely.

If the child puts us hard walls, do not raise new citadels around, not aisles, not neglect, do not leave it alone. We are all clear that the process to reach them is complex, however, you must take into account these previous aspects:

A difficult child is not always the result of bad parenting. You should not blame anyone.
There are children with high demands calling for much more than the rest, it is his personality, his way of being and it does not mean that we, as parents, have done something wrong.
A child receives demand and not what you want or who can not express it, just frustrated. There are many times that they are overburdened by a myriad of emotions that rage that oscillates with sadness, others with disgust, sometimes with anger.
Difficult children require a higher level of care, understanding, support and even creativity on the part of parents.
We must be architects of their worlds, a safe worlds where they feel comfortable to express the emotion contained that allows them to know, let off steam, feel free and safe to advance through each of the scenarios that define the child throughout their life cycle .

As difficult child help channel their emotions

We know that the child difficult to demand our attention above all and each of the strategies that we can give creatively to meet their needs. To help you manage all this emotional world that sometimes overflows and blocks.

Notes what steps we should take to educate children in this difficult field, in that dimension where channel, where shape and express the emotion contained.

If the power of positive reinforcement

If a difficult child will recriminamos your mistakes, if you underestimate, or rebuke him for his reactions, generate even more anger and anxiety. Always remember that such children, in the background, are very fragile and have low self-esteem.

Use as simple utterances like "I trust you", "I know you can with this," "I know you're special," "I know you're a brave boy and so I love you" ...
A positive word generates a positive emotion, positive emotion builds confidence.

Yes to communication that does not judge, do not compare or sentence

There are parents who make the mistake of comparing the difficult child with siblings, or other children. It is not right. As it is a mistake to initiate a dialogue that already involves certain judgments, "as you're lazy, you never listen, you will always misbehave ..." Avoid this type of communication and always follow these guidelines:

No sondees not interrogate. Discover what is the time when the child feels more comfortable to talk.
Dale trust, closeness and understanding. Take good care of your voice tone, it is basic to connect with children.
Communication should be daily and continuous.
You never laugh or ironices what you tell your children. For them it is important, and if they find that lack of empathy from you avoid personal with you.

Yes to produce an internal balance in the childShow him that every emotion can be transformed in a word, that anger has form, that sadness can share to alleviate that mourn is not bad and that you will always be there to listen.
Teach him to breathe, to relax, to channel their emotions through certain activities that blow off steam and distracted.
Teach him to accept frustration that the world may not always be as they want.
Teach them to listen and to speak assertively. Tell them that their voice will always be heard, that everything you say is important to you.
Teach them to take responsibility, to fend for themselves at every step and decision they give.
The blocked emotion is a thorn surrounded by a stone wall. If we raise more walls spinal it is even more hidden, so, the first step will be removing each stone that wall through communication and affection.
Emotion is the source of human energy, is the key that must guide children, first to understand themselves, and then, to understand the world.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Always get up!

It doesn't matter how many times you fail, it is important to get up because when you fail you become stronger and know to get up next time or avoiding the wrong choices. Just get up and keep going, keep fighting until you conquer your dreams!

Friday, February 19, 2016

What a smile worth

A smile is worth a thousand laughs. Already you looked in the mirror? Did you look to others? You will see that there are few who smile, even if they are many who laugh. Laughter is beautiful and shows the happiness of a moment, but it's the smile that indicates that the person is happy forever. Not easy to smile sometimes, because it requires me to be good about myself, that there is NOT a an internal conflict. So, if you want to smile, look into your eyes and see the inner beauty of your being. Automatically, a smile appears on your lips. Try it! try to smile, is worth it! don't do what just bring bad energy to your life even if there is no reason heal the inner wounds one step of the time with a smile, remembering the blessings even if there there is not to many.