Thursday, April 14, 2016


Many fathers and mothers who complain that their child is very difficult to always round a charged emotion vent anger inappropriately. With tantrums, profanity or subtle acts of disobedience.

We must be clear that no child is like another, and that none of us can not know what kind of needs can have these creatures just bring the world and for which we wish all the best. Difficult children often turn often generate a level of very high stress on parents, bordering in some cases helplessness. It is not a simple issue to address, and in fact, we do not always worth the books, not even the experience we have with our children or other recommendations from some parents.

Difficult children and excitement contained

Take an example. Think of the child who has had a bad day at school, comes home and when their parents ask him what happened, he responds badly. Given this, the parents decide to punish him in his room all afternoon. What have we gained by this? Have we solved the problem? Absolutely.

If the child puts us hard walls, do not raise new citadels around, not aisles, not neglect, do not leave it alone. We are all clear that the process to reach them is complex, however, you must take into account these previous aspects:

A difficult child is not always the result of bad parenting. You should not blame anyone.
There are children with high demands calling for much more than the rest, it is his personality, his way of being and it does not mean that we, as parents, have done something wrong.
A child receives demand and not what you want or who can not express it, just frustrated. There are many times that they are overburdened by a myriad of emotions that rage that oscillates with sadness, others with disgust, sometimes with anger.
Difficult children require a higher level of care, understanding, support and even creativity on the part of parents.
We must be architects of their worlds, a safe worlds where they feel comfortable to express the emotion contained that allows them to know, let off steam, feel free and safe to advance through each of the scenarios that define the child throughout their life cycle .

As difficult child help channel their emotions

We know that the child difficult to demand our attention above all and each of the strategies that we can give creatively to meet their needs. To help you manage all this emotional world that sometimes overflows and blocks.

Notes what steps we should take to educate children in this difficult field, in that dimension where channel, where shape and express the emotion contained.

If the power of positive reinforcement

If a difficult child will recriminamos your mistakes, if you underestimate, or rebuke him for his reactions, generate even more anger and anxiety. Always remember that such children, in the background, are very fragile and have low self-esteem.

Use as simple utterances like "I trust you", "I know you can with this," "I know you're special," "I know you're a brave boy and so I love you" ...
A positive word generates a positive emotion, positive emotion builds confidence.

Yes to communication that does not judge, do not compare or sentence

There are parents who make the mistake of comparing the difficult child with siblings, or other children. It is not right. As it is a mistake to initiate a dialogue that already involves certain judgments, "as you're lazy, you never listen, you will always misbehave ..." Avoid this type of communication and always follow these guidelines:

No sondees not interrogate. Discover what is the time when the child feels more comfortable to talk.
Dale trust, closeness and understanding. Take good care of your voice tone, it is basic to connect with children.
Communication should be daily and continuous.
You never laugh or ironices what you tell your children. For them it is important, and if they find that lack of empathy from you avoid personal with you.

Yes to produce an internal balance in the childShow him that every emotion can be transformed in a word, that anger has form, that sadness can share to alleviate that mourn is not bad and that you will always be there to listen.
Teach him to breathe, to relax, to channel their emotions through certain activities that blow off steam and distracted.
Teach him to accept frustration that the world may not always be as they want.
Teach them to listen and to speak assertively. Tell them that their voice will always be heard, that everything you say is important to you.
Teach them to take responsibility, to fend for themselves at every step and decision they give.
The blocked emotion is a thorn surrounded by a stone wall. If we raise more walls spinal it is even more hidden, so, the first step will be removing each stone that wall through communication and affection.
Emotion is the source of human energy, is the key that must guide children, first to understand themselves, and then, to understand the world.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Always get up!

It doesn't matter how many times you fail, it is important to get up because when you fail you become stronger and know to get up next time or avoiding the wrong choices. Just get up and keep going, keep fighting until you conquer your dreams!

Friday, February 19, 2016

What a smile worth

A smile is worth a thousand laughs. Already you looked in the mirror? Did you look to others? You will see that there are few who smile, even if they are many who laugh. Laughter is beautiful and shows the happiness of a moment, but it's the smile that indicates that the person is happy forever. Not easy to smile sometimes, because it requires me to be good about myself, that there is NOT a an internal conflict. So, if you want to smile, look into your eyes and see the inner beauty of your being. Automatically, a smile appears on your lips. Try it! try to smile, is worth it! don't do what just bring bad energy to your life even if there is no reason heal the inner wounds one step of the time with a smile, remembering the blessings even if there there is not to many.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Tips for couples to maintain strong relationship

Relationships requires work, effort and desire. It's easy to fall into a rutine, get angry about meaningless fights or lose the passion.If you do not want that to happen to you, you must not only remind yourself what you feel for your partner, but both have to prove each and every day!

  Quality time
Want to spend time together, doing new things or sharing something rest assured, it is a way to strengthen the union.To have a quality time together in the day, will help them reconnect and enjoy your partner.

cajolery It's nice to hear compliments from your partner and vice versa, a haircut, a new look or just because. Even though they know that are chosen every day, telling each other how nice it is or how much you're attracted to, it will not only feel better but it will be good for the relationship.They begin to do it more often!

heard Listening is a skill that requires effort, it means we will lend full attention to what he has to say.Certainly heard is fundamental to know each other, understand each other and support each other.

Motivate her or him:
We all have dreams, some thinner than others, but help your partner to realize them or give encouragement to do what he likes, it is key to a relationship.
There are days when he or you feel tired or unmotivated and need the other to see things from another perspective.

Be greatful
Often the little things we take for granted and that is a serious error. If your partner had a nice gesture you be thankful !.
It is certainly something that does not have to do but enjoy it because he loves you and if you value it will feel much better, in the same way he must value your gestures.

To say I love you
Some couples do not need to say every day, but it's really important to know the other, we sometimes take for granted that it is obvious what we feel but it's better to be clear.
That tells you he loves you and vice versa is something that should be said every day!

Smiling, kissing and hugging
A yours or your partner smile can brighten the day of both, it reduces stress and improves productivity. He also smiling is contagious, and is the best way to convey humor to your partner.
In addition to smile, you can not miss the kisses, passionate or sweet each day must be present. Same with hugs, hug in a moment of fatigue or stress, even a fun time, it makes a difference.

How to conquer success

Success begins in the mind and ends to create other successful people. How do I think? Just as some people learn to speak or walk, we need to learn to think. For thought is the source of everything that happens in life. To the extent that my thoughts are full of optimism, faith, confidence and success, in the same proportion I can succeed in my actions. Stocks are like books that are born in the mind first, and then move to the world of words and objects. To remain successful, I begin to inspire others to also be successful, believe in what they do and transform the clay that life gives them a beautiful work. Success can be conquer by faith and every step we take forward one day at the time not keep looking back to our mistakes just move forward, move on and keep searching for the great moment where success will manifest to the fullest!.

1. Define Your Purpose
Decide exactly whats your ideal for your life, draw a strategy that allows you to get closer and closer to what would you like to achieve.

2. Eliminat limitations on your goals
Try to clearly define what do you want to achieve, whether material things, or personal accomplishments. Do not say things like "I want to be very successful," say instead "I want to have financial freedom, not having to work for money, spend time with my family"

3. Set quantities and dates
It is not the same as saying: "I want to win a lot of money" to say I want to win $ 2,000 dollars a month. Determine precisely the extent of your goals in amount and time of achievement. If you set a date, you will program unconsciously to achieve on time or before :)

4. Divide and conquer
Divide your objectives and goals into smaller parts, so that it is easier to go for each of these purposes, to face the challenge of a very large, so, applying the rule "divide and conquer" you will be able to simplify the process through time. You will not even notice when you're already enjoying your achievements!

5. Visualize success
An important step for success is visualization. Watch yourself in the final stage of the effort. Pretend thar you allready have everything you fight for, and you've got and try to hit you personalize at that. " it does not matter if you daydream, do it! visualize your success right now!

6. Be full of optimism
Optimism can facilitate your work, in the sense that you'll be less prone to failure if you just think you will. It will be more difficult for you to go wrong and this will not notice, have an autopilot that will lead you to your flight to success.

7. Never Give Up
Insist, persist, resist and not give up is all vital points on every enterprise, when you see that the situation is more difficult, it is when most likely to flourish gardens of success, do not give up on your quest to reach the proposed site, and especially never blame anyone for your failures, take charge of your life! note that you're in control!

8. Compete against yourself
Get Ahead, fight against yourself to improve all the time, do not stop when you achieve your tasks, keep working on conquer big goals not just small ones.

9. Feel near Your Goals and Objectives
Try not to define the future, because the future does not exist. Trace your goals as a path on a map. And oddly distant and diffuse, trust your way (as do the drivers when they go from one city to another, only need to see the road a few meters further, to reach their destination).

10. continue to be successful
Do not stop at your stand, shared with the people you love and multiply your success, show who else can the steps to achieve success and get all to see you as a role model for your words and deeds to the world.


Have you done your homework today? Do you remember the beautiful promises you made at various times in your life? Are you kept them? They were promises of a better life, respect others. Were the tasks of the University of Life gave you. Often, however, we do not understand the lesson, or get mad with teachers that life gave us. You need maturity and wisdom to understand the lessons that life gives and enjoy them, AND SAY: because I will always be happy.

where enthusiasm comes from?

Put a smile on your face and lives life full of enthusiasm. The enthusiasm comes from within, not from outside. It must come from true feelings of conviction to a cause. No fake smiles enough, but we must be true smiles, born in the depths of the soul. When enthusiasm have this foundation, even the worst of the crisis will not be able to shake the person. On the contrary, the person will smile to the crisis and achieve transformation.